Drain hose is kinked, pinched, or clogged.


Make sure that the drain hose is free of clogs or kinks and is not pinched behind or under the washer.


1.) Check for proper installation of the drain hose and that there are no obstructions in the drain hose.

2.) Inspect the drain hose from the pump to the external drain hose for a blockage.

3.) Inspect the bellows hose from the tub to the drain hose for a blockage. Make sure nothing is blocking the hole in the tub where the drain connects.

4.) Remove the drain pump and inspect for debris or broken impeller.

5.) Inspect the pressure sensor hose for a clog.

6.) Power unit on and enter test mode

    This example of test mode is for WD100 &WD200.  Your model may be different

    (pwr then left arrow down key & extra rinse) push start button to advance to t6 drain pump run to check the drain pump operation.

During t6 test 120Vac should be applied to the drain pump. If there is no power to the drain pump, check voltage out of the Main PCB connector WH4 black wire to brown wire. If power is present at the Main PCB, suspect a wiring harness issue. 

If no power is present at the Main PCB, replace the Main PCB.

7.) Unplug the unit. Disconnect the wiring harness from the drain pump. Check resistance across the drain pump terminals.


The resistance should be between 10-20 ohms if the pump motor is good.

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