Water supply faucets are not fully open, or low water pressure.

Water inlet hoses are kinked, pinched, or crushed.


Make sure that the water faucets are fully open.

Make sure that the hoses are not kinked, pinched or crushed behind or under the washer. Be careful when moving the washer during cleaning or maintenance.


Water inlet filters are clogged.


Clean the inlet filters.


1)Are the water supply valves closed?                                      The water valve should be opened fully.
2)Inspect the fill hoses and inlet valve filter screen for debris or blockage.
3)Inspect the pressure sensor hose for a hole or blockage.
4)Inspect the outer tub for a crack or hole.
5)Activate test mode to test the water inlet valves. Check for 5Vdc supplied to the inlet valves. If voltage is present proceed to the next step. If no voltage is present, gain access to the Main PCB and check voltage out of the Main PCB. If voltage is present, suspect a wiring harness issue. If no voltage is present, replace the Main PCB.


6)Unplug the unit and disconnect the water valve connections. Check resistance across the inlet valve terminals. The resistance should be approximately 20-30 ohms.

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