Main PCB has detected that Reed Switch 1 has opened.

Reed Switch 1 is a normally open switch held closed by a magnet in normal operation.


Be sure to check that the tub lid is fully pushed down before closing the drawer.

If still has an error then check the switch. The Reed Switch 1 is to detect if the tub lid is fully latched down.

A magnet is housed in a small rubber piece and is next to the Reed Switch 1 which keeps the Reed Switch 1 closed.

If the tub lid is NOT fully latched down when you close the drawer the handle of the tub lid will push up on the magnet allowing the Reed Switch 1 to open.


Be sure the tub lid is fully latched down. If lid is latched down then troubleshoot with the following steps below.

1.) Unplug the unit. Check the reed switch harness connections and connection at WH8 connector on the Main PCB.

2.) Check resistance between pin 4 ORANGE wire to pin 6 BLUE wire on connector WH8. Pin 4 may have a BLUE and ORANGE wire together. 

 3.) With the lid fully latched down and the drawer closed the resistance should be < 2 ohms. If an open is read, suspect the switch or harness is defective. The part location for the harness that includes both reed switches is M022.

If the switch reads closed as it should, replace the Main PCB.

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