Main PCB not detecting that Reed Switch 2 is closing when the drawer is closed.

Reed Switch 2 is a normally open(NO) switch.


Check drawer alignment and switch.


1.) Is the drawer closed?

Is the drawer warped or misaligned?

2.) Unplug the unit.

Check Reed Switch 2 for a loose connection at switch & board.

3.) Unit still unplugged.  Locate connector WH8 on the main PCB. Set your multi-meter to read resistance and test Reed Switch 2 measuring from pin7 white to pin8 white. Resistance should read < 1 ohm when the drawer is closed.

If the switch does not close, test the switch with your own magnet. If the switch closes now, suspect a drawer alignment issue or missing magnet in the drawer. If the switch still does not close, suspect a bad switch or harness failure. The part location for the harness that includes both reed switches is M022.

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