“UP” is not an error code but is a notification that your ThinQ Appliance has a Feature update and needs to be uploaded.


If the customer needs assistance, they can call the ThinQ team at 575-424-2555

The above display will rotate the segments a total of six times, as shown, followed by the default status when giving the notification. 

Some units built in 2022 have this
feature but the program was just turned on in 4/2023. This will allow the
customer to update some features of their product. The customer, when receiving
the “UP” notification, will be directed to a training session on how to use
this feature.  

Some Features that can be updated, Refrigerator, adjusting the brightness of the interior lights and knock on lights for nighttime, change, the door open melody, measured fill.  

Some features that can be updated. Laundry, pet care cycle (dryer/washer), display wallpaper, dispenser amounts and dry level adjustments.  

Some of the “UP” features that can
be updated may need additional hardware to make functional.  

Notification of new features 

Depending on the presence or absence of upgradeable content, the UP-appliance center display shows…Display GREEN with upgrade content. Or GRAY with no upgrade content.

To check out new features available in Feature Updates.

1. Product Notification.

If a new function that can be updated is available, an upgrade notification is displayed on the control panel when the product is turned on. Afterwards, click the update notification provided by the LG ThinQ app to check the new product update features.

2. Update.

Select the content in the Upgrade Center to proceeded with the update. Don’t unplug or turn off the unit.

3. Setting Update.

After the update is complete, you can set the function by pressing the Settings button in the upgrade center.  

Current Supported Models

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