Too much water supplied.

Drain pump will turn on to pump out the water during this error code.


Water valve may be defective allowing too much water into the tub.

Flow meter may not detect volume of water supplied accurately.


Main PCB may be sending voltage to valve constantly.


Replace Main PCB.


Customer’s water pressure may be below 20psi or over 120psi.


Check water pressure and inform customer of plumbing issues.


Check the customer’s water pressure supplied for proper water pressure. If the water pressure supplied is less than 20psi or 120psi this is the reason for the FE error code. The valve will leak with too low of water pressure supplied or if the water pressure is too high. The valve may also be leaking due to grit in the valve from new construction or new plumbing.

You will need to use a pressure gauge to check for possible high water pressure. In the illustration example below you will see the customer’s water pressure is greater than 120psi. This will cause a FE error code on a dishwasher. The customer would have to get a plumber to reduce their water pressure to resolve the issue.

Check the water valve for proper resistance on the coil. The readings will be either 1.1 kohms for an older unit using a 120 volt ac water valve or 25 ohms for the newer style dishwashers using an 8vdc water valve.



In the example below the meter reads 24.4 ohms for an 8vdc water valve so the coil for the water valve is good.

Check the to see if the main board is putting out voltage to the water valve when the unit is not supposed to be filling with water. If the main board is sending voltage to valve all the time then the main board is defective.



Check the water flow meter for proper values. From ORANGE to BLUE should read about 9kohms ± 10% and ORANGE to PURPLE 20kohms ± 10% 

Check for 5vdc on the signal wire between PURPLE ground wire and ORANGE wire. If 5vdc is not measured then the Main board is defective. In the example below the meter reads 4.93vdc this is good.

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