Water leaking has been detected by the float switch.


Check unit for proper leveling.

Check all gaskets for leaking.


1.) Check for proper installation including the mounting brackets. Make sure the unit is perfectly level (side-to-side, front-to-back). As little as 3° tilt forward can cause this error to appear. Make sure the cabinet clearances are correct and not causing the tank to twist. Below is an example of a dishwasher NOT LEVEL.

2.) Verify the bushings at the bottom, front corners of the tank are not missing or have fallen out. If the gaskets have fell out it is recommended to apply silicone to the rear of the bushing before reinstalling so this does not happen again in the future.

3.) Start a cycle to see if the water valve is staying on. If so, determine if the voltage is being constantly supplied to the valve or if the valve is mechanically sticking open. If the valve is sticking check for calcium buildup on the valve screen that could be contributing to the valve sticking. If calcium is found recommend that the water should be ran through a filtration system to prevent the same failure again.



4.) Inspect the lower door gasket to see if it is deformed or not sealing correctly.  Check for any food/grease buildup on the gasket and the corresponding location on the tank.

5.) Inspect the inner door gasket to see if deformed or damaged. Check for any food/grease buildup on the gasket and the corresponding location on the inner door. 

6.) Remove the spray arms and check for a cracked seam. Sometimes the spray arm has to be twisted to notice a cracked seam unless the crack is severe. If the arm is cracked water will push past the gaskets instead of spraying up like normal. 7.) Empty the float assembly of water. Check the float assembly for any debris or possible insects. Make sure the styrofoam block does not stick in one position.

Check the resistance of the float switch. The flat switch should read no continuity in the open positions and when the switch is closed it should read 0.2-0.3.


When the float switch is in the open position there should be 5Vdc across the switch. When the switch is closed there should be 0Vdc across the switch.

7.) Open the door, locate the six screws holding the outer door panel in place and remove the door panel.
Inspect the door gasket at the bottom of the door.
Make sure the gasket is not deformed or torn. The gasket also needs to overlap the tank properly.
Make sure there is no grease buildup or debris on the gasket and corresponding location on the tank.

Check the gasket between the fan and door for possible defect. 

Check the lower spray arm to check for a split or other damage that may cause the unit to spray toward the door. (the spray arm may need to be twisted to see the split). 

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